Ben, the Little Rescuer

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Cover engl kleinBen, a little blue penguin would love to have friends but none of the other penguins want to be his friends. When he then helps someone out of a dangerous problem, he finds friends after all. ‘Ben, the little rescuer’ is a very sweet story about friendship but also to show that it does not matter how little someone is to achieve something very important and big.


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 Reader reviews:

  • A charming story! Ben finds true friendship while helping others. The writing is lovely and illustrations are adorable.

Review by Amazing Taste at

  • A great book for inspiring young children who are having problems with friends. Lovely illustrations.

Review by Angela M Tinsel at

  • This is a cute book that my daughter and I love to read together. We like especially the idea, that it doesn’t matter how young or how little you are, you are always able to help other people and gain friends by doing it. Plus the illustrations are lovely!

Review by Schukowski, Irina at


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