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Frido’s dream to surf

Believe in Yourself! That is the lovely message in a simply- told little story for small children.  Prettily illustrated by Kirstin herself, this is a short story of Frido the Turtle who has no faith in himself. With a little help and encouragement, he learns that he too, can achieve great things!

by Liz Morris  B.Ed. Cert.Ed: Senior Librarian Children and Youth from Orewa library in New Zealand

Readers reviews

Frido’s dream to surf

An inspiring children’s story. Frido independently achieves his goal. It teaches perseverance and ingenuity. The illustrations are adorable and add a dimension of detail to discuss with my child. I’d love to follow Frido’s further adventures! Our new family favorite!

By Amazing Taste  at

A wonderful, instructive story about the sea turtle Frido. Despite many difficulties he makes his dream to surf become reality. My 5 year old daughter loves the story and the beautiful illustrations and I had to read it to her again and again. We both prefer “real” books, so we just printed the e-book and tied it together with a pretty bow. Now we can cuddle up and enjoy the book together whenever we want.

By Schukowski, Irina at

‘Of all worlds mankind has ever created, the world of books is one of the greatest.’ – what has once been brought to mind back in Heinrich Heine’s times, the illustrator and author Kirstin Ballhorn has ever so wonderfully put in scene with her new book. Frido’s story of his dream to surf resembles an elaborate and worthwhile to read tale, which not only tells us about his journey, but also teaches us about virtues such as devotion, trust and endurance. I can only recommend this book and I hope to get to read more exciting stories soon. Thanks a lot!

By Juliane Stoklossa at

Ben, the little rescuer

A great book for inspiring young children who are having problems with friends. Lovely illustrations.

By Angela M Tinsel at

This is a cute book that my daughter and I love to read together. We like especially the idea, that it doesn’t matter how young or how little you are, you are always able to help other people and gain friends by doing it. Plus the illustrations are lovely!

By Schukowski, Irina at

A charming story! Ben finds true friendship while helping others. The writing is lovely and illustrations are adorable.


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